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Company Profile

Thai Polycons Public Company Limited or “TPOLY” was incorporated on December 26, 1988 with a registered capital of Baht one million by a group of engineers, led by Mr. Charoen Chanpalangsri who has gained vast experience in engineering, for the operation of construction business. The founders of TPOLY have envisioned the growing demand of engineering service, which is a substantial factor supporting the national economic growth. TPOLY was converted into a public limited company on March 24, 2008 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on March 4, 2009. Since the Company’s incorporation, its business has gradually been expanding and TPOLY has made a large amount of investment in other businesses in its subsidiaries, including property, trading and power, and also in other companies in the form of joint venture. Therefore, the Company’s registered capital has been gradually increased. As of February 3, 2017, the registered capital of TPOLY was Baht 692,868,493 in total (Baht six hundred and ninety-two million, eight hundred and sixty-eight thousand, four hundred and ninety-three) with the paid-up capital of Baht 566,998,107 (Baht five hundred and sixty-six million, nine hundred and ninety-eight thousand, one hundred and seven). The major shareholders are Chanpalangsri family and executives of TPOLY.

TPOLY has provided the construction service to both government and private sectors, e.g. shopping mall, horizontal and vertical buildings, industrial plant, as well as power plant. The construction service involves the civil engineering, engineering system, and landscape architecture. TPOLY mainly focuses that each construction project must be completed on schedule and under the high-standard quality. In this regard, an information system called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has been used to control the Company’s cost, budget, and cash flow projection. As a result, all of the Company’s works have been widely accepted by state and private project owners. Also, TPOLY has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 by BUREAU VERITAS Certification in respect with its quality management for construction and engineering works.