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Business Group

Thai Polycons has been gradually developed to be an integrated construction organization; meanwhile, it has carried out the business expansion by means of investments in other industries, e.g. TPC Asset, TPC Bangkok Supply and TPC Power Holding for the stabilization of its business alliances and itself.

The powerful record of Thai Polycons has provided a promising path for the prosperous future. The organization has been constantly built to be excellent in this industry by the organization culture, which focuses on personnel development, retention of operation standards, associated with a careful allocation of service cost, and a good financial management policy.

According to the vision and mission placed by Thai Polycons, its focus is not only on building the organization to be an integrated construction company, but on investment expansion to other industries; namely, trading business under the name of TPC Bangkok Supply, power business under the name of TPC Power Holding, and property development business under the name of TPC Asset with aims at diversifying business risks, and sustaining trust of its customers and investors.

These attributes drive Thai Polycons to achieve the endless development and growth in several domains nowadays.