Message from Chairman

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(Dr. Thanu Kulachol)
Chairman of the Board of Directors

In the midst of conflicts between two global superpower countries, China and the United States, that have taken the great effect to the investment and commercial environment, and to the money market and capital market worldwide in the previous year and no one can forecast how and when this situation will end, such factor has inevitably impacted Thailand. From the appreciation of Thai Baht, deficit exporting not seen for years, delay of investment by the private sector, declining spending of households, sluggish condition of the money sector, either money market or capital market, together with other internal factors, especially political factor, the business operation under these circumstances deems a great challenge.

The construction industry is one of few industries slightly impacted by the aforesaid factors as it has been driven by several infrastructure mega projects initiated by the Thai government. The disbursement and construction of several mega projects started already; this significantly drives other government entities and the private sector to subsequently lay down their construction projects along or in the areas of these mega projects, e.g. educational building, hospital, hotel, condominium, etc. The Company has been awarded for some of these projects as well. As a result, the Company’s operating performance in 2019 looked satisfactory, especially a big leap of growth in our sales.

In 2020, the Company must take more precaution in undertaking the business because certain situations currently impacting the global and Thai economy may not be eased soon. However, the Company has planned to handle these factors by taking into account the best interest of our shareholders and stakeholders, as well as the society and environment to operate our business securely and sustainably.

Thai Polycons Public Company Limited would like to extend our appreciation to all shareholders and stakeholders for your continual trust and support. This substantially inspires the Board of Directors, Management, and all supporting staff to make the contribution for the Company’s prosperity and growth and your best interest.