CSR Policy

In the business operation, the Company wants to have the constant development and growth for its business firmness and sustainability. The Company aims at operating the business, associated with making valuable contributions to the Thai society. It creates and shares happiness with communities. At every stage of business operation, the Company sincerely cares for the quality of life and environment with a strong belief that the supports offered to each other, including employees, customers, and shareholders as well as society and environment would entail its sustainable growth. Under the business operation policy, the Company delivers the prompt, cost-efficient, and qualified services for customers’ highest satisfaction with care for the social and environmental development.

The Company has operated the business by adhering to the proper, transparent, and fair management. Additionally, all employees in the organization have been rooted to recognize both quality and morality, which always originate the organization value.

The Company values all shareholders, customers, and employees. It aims to increase the profit by reducing the cost and expenses. The Company conducts campaigns against corruption, eradicates embezzlers, promotes good and honest people, sustains morality, and encourages all of its employees to solve any problem collectively and tangibly.

Every employee is the most valuable asset of the Company. Thai Polycons puts efforts into the personnel development, and encourages all staff to be concerned about their working quality and professional ethics; meanwhile, the compensation, career path and other fringe benefits are adequately provided to them.

The Company’s business operation is always subjected to care for the environment conservation and safety standards while the energy conservation has been promoted consistently.

A successful and sustainable business development is necessarily derived from a good organization that is widely accepted by the society. Non-stop Doing Good Deeds Projects carried out by the Company supports the society in several matters. The morality projects include:

  • School Facilities from Elder to Younger Project
  • One-Baht at Dawn and One-Baht at Dusk for Students’ Lunch Project
  • Disaster Victim Mitigation Project

In every project, the Company focuses on the development of people in communities along with people in the organization to have the conscious mind, quality, vision, and good mission for the communities and the whole society.