Doing good continually

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The business development and prosperity of an organization must involve the personnel development to enhance skillful and capable staff, associated with the efficiency of management. Nevertheless, the successful and sustainable business must originate in the good and acceptable organization.

“Non-stop Doing Good Deeds” projects mainly offer certain moral supports, e.g. One-Baht at Dawn and One-Baht at Dusk for Students’ Lunch Project, Disaster Victim Mitigation Project, etc. All these projects aim at developing general people in the society and at rooting people in the organization to have the conscious mind in giving help to communities and society.

Main Objectives of Non-stop Doing Good Deeds Projects by Thai Polycons
To take part in arranging good activities for the society according to the Government’s policy, and to encourage all staff of the Company to do good deeds for their families, coworkers, communities, and society. These projects also