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(Dr.Thanu Kulachol)

Year 2022

Message from the Chairman

In the year of 2022, when the COVID-19 pandemic has been declining on the second half of the year after being constantly controlled by strict measures since year 2021, the Company could speed up its projects on hand and deliver them to the employers. However, Thailand’s economy has been on the recovery stage while it has confronted several external negative factors, which included Russia-Ukraine war emerging since the end of the first quarter, and lockdown of main cities in China. These events took effect to the interruption of supply, and made the price of construction materials soar up, which directly affected the construction cost. This not only took effect to the Company, but the whole construction industry.

For the competition of the construction industry, from the slowdown of investment by both government and private sectors since year 2021; therefore, in 2022, the bid competition for construction projects was quite serious, either number of construction operators who tendered bids, and competed for prices. Thus, the acquisition of new projects missed from the expected target.

For the tendency in 2023, it is predicted that the high competition in the construction industry would continue. The Board of Directors, therefore, formulates the guidelines of the Company’s operations and tendering bids so that the Company would take account of various risks carefully while the Company’s status would be competitive. The Board of Directors also assigns the Management to adjust the operations to be relevant and to cope with any serious situations, especially the cost management that is an important factor of the construction business. These all would help the Company overcome all crisis to be incurred.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Management, and employees, Thai Polycons Public Company Limited would like to extend our gratitude to all shareholders, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders who has always given trust and support to the Company. We will continue adhering with the corporate governance principles in our business operation, and have determination to work for secure progress and growth for your utmost benefits.