Our Company

Vision : To be an integrated construction company with continual development and growth under stable
achievements and sustainability.


  • Delivery of the best quality work based on customers’ utmost interest and satisfaction On-time work delivery
  • Management of all risks associated with strategy, operations, and finance
  • Consistent improvement of corporate competitiveness
  • Tangible enlargement of productivity in operations
  • Development of construction technologies and innovations
  • Creation of good returns to shareholders, and stable business expansion
  • Management for environmental impact according to international standards, and involvement in improving the quality of life of local communities
  • Business undertaking with business partners based on impartiality for trust, relationship, and good cooperation so as to develop the potential and effectiveness of business operation together in the long term

Business objectives

TPOLY aims at the continual growth and development for its corporate stability and sustainability based on the Philosophy of Sufficient Economy together with an integration of reasonable development, modesty, good immunity and risk management systems, which are substantial conditions for sustainable development. The Company’s growth has been firmly tied with its customers’ prosperityor we may say that we both enjoy the growth together. Every business pace of TPOLY is considered carefully, and moves forward by an appropriate time and opportunity. As a result, TPOLY is able to overcome the past economic crises. The strong past experience shapes the Company’s secure and prosperous future. The Company has been developed to achieve excellence in the business cluster under the corporate culture, which prioritizes the Company’s human development, retention of operating standard along with the management of service cost, and good financial management policy. According to the Company’s vision and mission, TPOLY not only focuses on its corporate development to be an integrated construction company, it has expanded its investments to other businesses in order to mitigate certain business risks and to gain its customer’s and investors’ trust.